Terms and Conditions
Partner Program Terms & Conditions: The Proxim Partner Program is in place to provide strong incentives to partners who actively promote, sell and support Proxim products and services. The Proxim Partner Program is a non-exclusive, non-transferable program available to qualifying resellers worldwide. Certain benefits and requirements vary from region to region and are specified in program literature available via download from company website or from Proxim representatives. Wherein Proxim agrees to designate Partner as a member of the Proxim Partner program, Partner agrees to follow the rules and regulations set forth regarding membership in the program. Partner understands that membership is conditioned upon adherence to rules and regulations set forth in the program documentation. Proxim reserves the right to adjust all program benefits and requirements or cancel the program at any time.


In the normal course of business activities, Proxim will at times provide the Partner with information that is considered confidential. Such information will be marked confidential and Partner agrees to keep this information within their organization on a need to know basis and will not disclose the information or use the information for any purpose other than making business decisions and plans.